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We deeply respect your privacy and have taken every reasonable measure, including our use of data encryption, trusted SSL certificates, hardware firewalls and live security teams to ensure that your information remains private unless you express a desire to share your information with others or make it publically available. Even if you share information, you retain the right to unshare or delete information. If you share information located on the domain to social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, we bear no responsibility for data provided to sites we do not own or control. If you delete information from the domain, Cogcentric Labs is not responsible for its retrieval. Privacy on the service is real, and deletions by members of any data must be considered irreversible. You claim full responsibility for the data you delete and the consequences that may result from that deletion. While we make every effort to ensure our systems are safe and secure and reliably backed up, we cannot guarantee that an unknown vulnerability or exploit may exist that could allow a third party, such as a government spy agency, to access your data without our knowledge or permission. If a security breach is discovered, we will immediately take action to patch, block intruders or otherwise restore a secure perimeter around your data; and we will immediately disclose to you, either by notification or by email, of the nature of the breach and what actions, if any, you should take. If a government or law enforcement entity requests access to your data, we will also disclose this to you and will fight for your right to privacy to the full extent possible under the laws of Canada and its international agreements. We do not now and will never at any future date willingly or knowingly provide access to anyone’s information or Content; to any person, system or organization in any way, other than as part of an aggregate statistic, such as the total number of community members on the site or the average score on a quiz. None of our statistics ever identify individuals and always exist in a completely anonymized form. We will never use a community member’s information for third-party marketing or advertising. The network is private, subscriber-funded and advertising-free.